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The drone industry is snowballing, with many players putting efforts into influencing the 2016’s FAA Reauthorization Act. Many stakeholders are looking for a way to do so that the public and government can view it as favorable. Here is what you need to know about drone lobbying:

  • Non-profit drone lobbying groups
  • Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)
  • Drone companies and their lobbying groups
  • Technology companies’ drone lobbyists
  • Drone Manufacturers Alliance Europe
  • Why the drone industry needs lobbyists

We’ll cover each of the aforementioned sections throughout this blog to better inform you on why drone lobbying is needed and an important topic at this time. 

Non-Profit Drone Lobbying Groups

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) is a renowned drone lobbying group. It has a considerable following both online and in annual conferences. Following the proposed rules by the FAA, AUVSI thinks they are too restrictive and conservative. The organization’s members advocated for the regulation’s revision to offer certainty for drone operators. AUVSI accepts membership industry professionals, companies, and university tech students.

Academy of Model Aeronautics

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is a consumer-led non-profit organization. While AMA aimed at the traditional aircraft model at the beginning, it’s now advocating for drones. AMA’s views about the drone industry are similar to those of AUVSI. The organization is committed to enhancing the industry and advocates for less-stringent regulations for operators. AMA and AUVSI collaborate when it comes to representing drone consumers. However, AUVSI members include professionals like an expert Nevada lobbyist, while AMA welcomes anyone interested.

AMA promotes drone consumers’ interests by working with parks departments, zoning boards, and local governments. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pilot, you’re free to join AMA and push the model aeronautics’ agenda.  It’s free to join for anyone under 19, but adults pay $75 annually for their membership.

Drone Companies and Their Lobbying Groups

Some of the largest drone manufacturers have become drone advocates across various policies. It’s essential for these companies because they can generate more revenue as more people use drones. One of the largest drone manufacturers worldwide is DJI. The company continues to grow, which could mean increased regulations by the FAA and lawmakers. However, DJI has been working with recognized lobbyists to represent them in legal affairs and policies.

This has helped DJI in its advocacy for the drone sector. The firm has collaborated with the FAA, industry leaders, and committees to represent drone consumer interests. DJI’s participation has led to several improvements like enhancing geofencing technology and refining airspace limitations.

Wider Technology Companies’ Drone Lobbyists

Some of the stakeholders that have been to Capitol Hill include tech companies. Many of them have spent money trying to champion drones in different industries, including healthcare, defense, agriculture, immigration, transportation, and food. They believe drones could benefit these sectors in many ways.

Drone Manufacturers Alliance Europe

The Alliance includes some of the most established drone manufacturers such as Parrot, GoPro, and DJI. Drone Manufacturers Alliance Europe says it aims to enforce security and safety. The organization is trying to advance the drone industry by encouraging drone technology, economic growth, and offering jobs.

Why the Drone Industry Needs Lobbyists

As the drone industry continues to expand and more regulations are put in place, lobbyists are becoming essential to drone consumers. For example, the best Nevada lobbyist can provide drone operators with the support they may need. Here are a few reasons the drone industry needs lobbyists.

Monitoring Legislation

Experienced lobbyists can represent drone users’ interests by monitoring new regulations that may impact drone users. Having a connected professional like a reliable Nevada legislature can help analyze new administrative legislations to know their drone consumers’ impacts.

Strategic Communications

Lobbying is more than making some presentations or scheduling several meetings. Experienced lobbyists like Nevada lobbyist state legislature understand the importance of coherent and consistent representation. Lobbyists can work together with different stakeholders to create a clear message and present it to the relevant administrative agencies such as the FAA.

Grassroots Mobilization

A proper grassroots mobilization can impact administrative and legislative decisions if participants execute it well. For example, participants can make calls and meet with administrative agencies for a public hearing and voice their concerns. It can be challenging to mobilize the right individuals at grassroots levels without a qualified lobbyist.


It may not make sense financially for drone users to visit Capitol Hill to influence a particular legislative outcome. Moving a plan requires more than time. For example, you’ll need to navigate complicated procedures successfully. While this may sound challenging if you’re inexperienced, established lobbyists can pursue it without issues. Their actual influence comes from understanding history, industry players, and processes. They can utilize their experience, knowledge, and skills to campaign for a better outcome.

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Based on the current developments, the drone industry looks promising. Stakeholders, lobbyist groups, and drone consumers are working with the relevant administrative agencies to ensure a better and safer future for drone users. Are you based in Nevada and looking for reliable legislative assistance services? Do not hesitate to consult the best Nevada lobbyist for help.

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